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Welcome to Bright Idea Toys, in Town & Country, Missouri



Bright Idea Toys is dedicated to providing educationally rich toys, puzzles, games, books and much more.  Bright Idea Toys has earned a reputation (and several Best of St. Louis Award nominations) for excellent customer service and product selection.  We simply know what kids love and select award winning toys which benefit them with purposeful play value.  It is our mission to select high quality toys that are designed to meet specific developmental needs.   Whether you are visiting our Bright Idea Toys location at 1050 Schnucks Woods Mill Plaza, Town & Country, Missouri 63017 or shopping with us online, we appreciate the opportunity to make your shopping experience excellent.  Bright Idea Toys is locally owned since 2006 and it is our sincerely pleasure to serve you!

Here's what people are saying about our store:

This store is so fun! Educational and QUALITY toys for all ages! Also, they have the BEST selection of candy that you can't seem to find many other places! Nicest staff, free gift wrap. Just the cutest little store! Oh, and if you sign up for email, they are very generous with coupons and special events in the store. Love love love!

Bright Ideas is pretty much the most awesome toy store around. This toy store actually sells real toys. It is not some toy store that has become another electronics store. There, they sell all the toy that as children we knew and grew up with.

Here they have train sets to puppets, they have it all. They have toys from different age ranges. The have a good selection of baby toy. A lot of the baby toys are sensory friendly. Some of the toys have the little tags on them that babies enjoy playing with and spending most of their attention on.

One of the toys that I bought there for my nephew was these three blocks that are soft and stuffed that make noises that he loves to no extend, but of course, eventually drives his parents crazy. That was the whole reason for buying that one toy.

Every time that I have gone into that store I have always found something that I knew that the kid in me would like to play with as well as actual kids. Great store.

This is an awesome toy store with great service!!!!! Unique, creative toys for kids to really play with. Jessie is great at finding the perfect, age-appropriate gift that you need. The free gift wrapping is a huge bonus!!!!!